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Note: At FSU, minors are not posted on your transcript and are not included on your diploma. The department can print a certificate for you on completion of the minor.

Minor in Art History

A minor in Art History consists of fifteen hours of coursework in the department. Any five Art History courses may be applied to this requirement. Students can declare this major once they reach 60 total hours of coursework. Contact Leah Sherman to declare the minor and for minor advising.

Minor in Museum Studies

The Minor in Museum Studies is available to any FSU undergraduate who is working toward a Bachelor's degree and is interested in a career in museums. For Art History majors, the requirements listed below are in addition to the required 33 hours of courses.

15 hours total: 2 required courses, 1 elective, 6 hours internship

Declaration Form

Students wishing to minor in Museum Studies are asked to complete the Museum Studies Minor Declaration form.


Required Courses - 6 hours

The following two courses are required for the Museum Studies minor, and may be taken in any order although it is preferred that students take Museum Basics before Museum Object. Please note that space in Museum Object is limited to 12 students; registration requires approval of the course instructor.

  • Museum Basics - ARH 3794 (offered fall semester)
  • Museum Object - ARH 3854 (offered spring semester)

Elective - 3 hours

The student chooses one of the following 3-hour courses:

  • Museum Education (ARE 4930, Special Topics in Art Education)
  • Arts Administration (also listed as ARE 4930 - Special Topics in Art Education)
  • A basic business/non-profit management course, such as: 
    PAD 4223 - Budgets & Finances in Managing Public Affairs (Business)
    HIS 4080 - Archives Management (History)
  • A Practicum course connected to a specific exhibition organized by an FSU professor

Please note that only specific courses can be used for the Museum Studies Minor elective; most Art History, Art Education and History courses do not fulfill the requirement. If your elective choice is not on the list, you must clear it with Dr. Paul Niell.

Internship - 6 hours

Museum Studies minors are required to complete 6 hours of internship, with the option of one 6-hour internship (240 work-hours) in one semester OR two 3-hour internships (120 work-hours each) over two semesters, in any museum. Letter grades are assigned for the internship based on a term paper, journal and the museum supervisor's evaluation. For more information, forms and registration, see our Internships page.

Requesting Certification of the Completion of Your Museum Studies Minor

When you have completed the courses required for a Museum Studies Minor, you must download and fill out a Request for Completion form. This form can be emailed directly to Dr. Lauren Weingarden using the send button in the form. If the send button is not functional, the form can be emailed by attachment to Dr. Paul Niell, to request a certificate confirming that you have completed a Minor in Museum Studies. 

If you have questions about this information, contact Art History Academic Coordinator Leah Sherman.